Battery Charging Tips For Android Phones

Smartphone users, whether Android or iPhone are in search of never-ending battery life. With the fact that the smartphone’s batteries can’t be replaced, knowing battery charging tips for Android Phones is important to prevent your phone batteries to deteriorate earlier than their expected life.

If you’re using the same Android phone for the last 2-3 years, it is highly likely that the battery life won’t be as long as when your mobile was new. There is no way to prevent a battery’s capacity from going down the wire, but we can take certain measures that will help you to increase your handset life. Here are some of the Battery Charging Tips for Android phones that is highly tested and proven to enhance your battery life.

Battery Charging Tips For Android Phones

  1. Prevent your phone from overheating

Heat will most likely decline your lithium-ion battery life. You should keep your phone away from any kind of heat especially UV rays. This can be done by not putting your phone in the place where the sun’s rays are directly hitting your phone. You should prevent using high Ram consumable apps such as video games while charging. If your phone is crossing the 30 degrees Celsius mark while charging, you should take the charging port out until your phone cools down.

  1. Always use the original Android Phone’s charger

Another one of the Battery Charging tips for Android phones is to use the brand’s own charger especially if your phone has a fast-charging feature. The chargers that come with high volts will charge your mobile phones quickly but won’t let your battery live longer than usual.

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  1. Don’t overcharge your Android phone.

Many people usually make a common mistake by putting their phones on charging before going to sleep. Your battery will run continuously for that 8 hours and there is a chance that it might deteriorate your battery life in a longer run. As per certain reports, charging the battery up to 100 percent can also be harmful. It is advisable to run your mobile phone until your battery is down to 15% and then plug in your charger.

  1. Prevent using your phone while charging

The last one of our battery charging tips for Android phones is to prevent using your phone while charging because it is highly inadvisable due to many reasons. When you run your mobile phone while your charger is plugged in, it is called parasitic charging that is very harmful to your phone’s battery life. The continuous consumption prevents the battery from charging it completely and that puts your battery in danger.

  1. Don’t let your battery go down to nil

It is not recommended to plug in your charger when your phone dies due to no battery %. The recommended percentage when you must plug in your charger is a minimum of 15%.

These were some of the battery charging tips for Android phones and if followed properly, they will enhance your battery life and will give you the best performance for more years than expected.


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