Best Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android – 2022

Many social media communication applications are built in a way that connects individuals or a group of people together. These applications including WhatsApp have a built-in feature that prevents people to see your last seen status. It won’t allow anyone to see when you have accessed the application last time until they turn their last seen status on.

It is an amazing feature for privacy but the parents or loved ones who want to keep track of the people close to them by checking if they’re online or when did they last use the App might find difficulty without special applications.

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Best Last Seen Tracker Apps for Android

After long research, we have compiled some of the Best last seen tracker apps for android that will help you to see the last seen status of multiple selected people under one platform.

1. Family Track

The family track is specially designed to eliminate the stress parents take when their children are spending most of their time on social media regardless of all the restrictions. It is an amazing tracker used to track the online activities of your children including their last seen status on social media applications including WhatsApp. You can monitor the actions of up to 3 people at a time and make comprehensive reports regarding it. The family track is one of the best last seen tracker apps for android especially for parents who want to control their child’s web activities.


Yansa is another online tracker app used to track the last seen status of WhatsApp. This amazing tracker not only helps you to track the last seen status of your friend but you’ll be amazed to know that it also sends you a notification when your friend comes online on Telegram and WhatsApp. To differentiate between notifications, you can set up multiple notification tones for different contracts.

This is the best tracking app to know for how long your child is spending time on WhatsApp if you’re a parent. You can view the details of up to 10 contacts on the same page. It will be no harm to call this YANSA the best last seen tracker apps for android, especially on WhatsApp.


3. WhatLogin

Taking about Last seen online tracker apps and not including the WhatLogin tracker would be a shame. This versatile application comes with lots of surprising features including instant alerts as soon as your friend and loved ones open their WhatsApp.

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Not only this, the WhatLogin tracker calculates every single minute your contact has spent on WhatsApp. The best part about this is that you are free to add all your contacts as there is no limit. You can easily track the online status by producing daily, weekly and monthly reports of your close ones.

4. Lasty

Lasty app has come up to remove all your suspicions by bringing a single platform where you can watch the statuses of your friends even if they’ve hidden it from you, along with their last seen status. They’ll ask you the phone number of the person you want to track and in return will give you instant alerts as soon as they come online.

Thus, this is everything we can tell about 4 of the best last seen tracker apps for android. The features are similar to every app mentioned with just minor differences and are the best ones for tracking.

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