Best Selfie Camera Apps for Android 2022

Taking a selfie is more of a challenging task than a regular photo, and this won’t happen without the best selfie camera app for android. If you’re taking 2 hours to dress, you might want to make sure that you’re getting a perfect photo to get more engagement on social media, no matter how many failed attempts it takes. There is a lot more than a good pose that you require while clicking a selfie. The Android phones nowadays focus more on the front camera as the features help you take the best pictures even in bad lighting.

Best Selfie Camera Apps for Android:

However, if your Android phone doesn’t have fancy selfie filters, you can use selfie apps specialized to enhance your photographs. We have compiled a small list of some of the best selfie camera apps for android.

1. Snapchat

Since every year is passing, Snapchat is becoming the most famous selfie-taking platform. This app has numerous fancy selfie filters that automatically apply to your face through AR and face recognition, making your photograph even more eye-catching. Not only you can save your selfies, but you can also forward them to your friends. This multi-functional social media selfie app has become one of the best selfie camera apps for android.

2. Retrica

Retrica is one of the oldest selfie camera apps offering a considerable number of filters to apply. Apart from clicking your selfies, you can even customize your mirror photos. Not only this app is perfect for selfie-taking freaks, but the user-friendly platform enhances the experience of newbies too. It contains different editing features to improve the quality of your selfies, GIFs, videos and can even make a compiled collage for you. You can even share your images on any social media platform right after clicking your selfies. This won’t be offensive to other apps if we call Retrica one of the best selfie camera apps for android of all time.


3. Front Flash

Front Flash is another amazing selfie-taking app that is becoming a savior for people facing issues to take a perfect photo in dim light conditions.

If you want to take your selfie in the dark while applying a flashlight to your face, then this app is a must for you. It is the perfect app to capture the most natural image with an immense glow on your face. This app is free to use and the ideal tool for android users.

4. YouCam Perfect

Last but not least, YouCam Perfect is the last app on our list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good enough compared to other apps. There would be no harm for us to say that this is one of the best selfie camera apps for android existing at this moment. This versatile selfie app has it all in it, especially when it comes to taking group selfies. It uses a face recognition feature and applies amazing filters to every single face of the group. Not only does this app take group selfies, but it is also capable to edit them beautifully.

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If by chance, we missed any of the best selfie camera apps for android, you can remind us. We hope you will like our list and download the apps if you haven’t downloaded them yet to take the best selfie of your life.

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